Learn how to toss your views with gestures and physics behaviours in this UIKit Dynamics tutorial!

In this UIKit Dynamics tutorial, you’ll learn how to toss views off-screen with gestures in a natural feeling way.

You may have seen this technique popularized in the popular app Tweetbot.

This tutorial is a good fit for intermediate developers because it covers some neat effects, such as rotation and fly-away animations using the native UIKit framework.

But if you’re completely new to UIKit dynamics, don’t fear – this tutorial will guide you through step by step.

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Here’s an open source library extending Swift’s string capability further called Swift String Tools from Jamal Kharrat.

Some of the functions the included String helpers allow you to perform are:

  • Get the language of the string
  • Check if a string can be used in a tweet
  • Check if a string contains a Date
  • Convert a string of dates to an array of dates
  • Check if a string contains a URL

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This is a simple guide on building a $35 Time Capsule with a Raspberry Pi. A Time Capsule is a network attached storage device from Apple for use with their Time Machine. Time Machine gives users a very easy and userfriendly way to automatically create and restore (encrypted) backups. A Time Capsule is basically an expensive NAS that only talks the AFP/netatalk protocol. The 2 TB version costs $299 at this time, a Raspberry Pi only $35.

You will need the following:

  • Raspberry Pi, Model B/B+
  • USB Hard Disk / Big USB Dick

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Learn how to control a servo wirelessly from your iPhone in this tutorial with Arduino, Bluetooth LE (low energy) and iOS.

Creating machines that interact with the physical world is an incredibly satisfying thing. Controlling them via Bluetooth with your iOS device is just plain awesome!

This tutorial will teach you how to create your own Bluetooth LE device using standard off-the-shelf components that you can control wirelessly with a simple iOS app. Since the focus of this project is building a BLE device, you’ll be using the iOS Core Bluetooth framework.

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MCLog plugin adds a search box to the bottom right hand corner of the Xcode debug console, and can even handle regular expressions. The filtering works on the console output in real time which is very nice when you have a lot of unwanted statements coming out.

Here is an animation from the readme showing MCLog in action:

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Controls are the bread-and-butter of iOS apps. There are many provided in UIKit but this tutorial shows you how to make a custom control in Swift.

In this tutorial, you will implement your very own RangeSlider custom control. This control is like a double-ended slider, where you can pick both a minimum and maximum value. You’ll touch on such concepts as extending existing controls, designing and implementing your control’s API, and even how to share your new control with the development community.

Read full tutorial on raywenderlich.com

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Here’s a nice tutorial that goes step-by-step through the process of creating cards with cool Tinder style dragging animations from Nimrod Gutman.

Specifically the tutorial covers:

  • Setting up a draggable image view
  • Modifying the rotation and scale while the image is being dragged to match the effect seen in the Tinder app
  • Adding overlay images as the image is dragged
  • Performing the selected action


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Here’s a library from Ash Furrow created in Swift called Moya that utilizes AlamoFire providing a network abstraction layer that makes it easier to work with more complex APIs, especially those where an action can lead to different end points.

As the readme states some of the requirements for Moya that were met include:

  • Treat test stubs as first-class citizens.
  • Only allow endpoints clearly defined through Moya can be access through Moya, enforced by the compiler.
  • Allow iterating through all potential API requests at runtime for API sanity checks.
  • Keep track of inflight requests and don’t support duplicates.

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